The painter Stefania Nistoreanu exhibits for the first time in London

The painter Stefania Nistoreanu will exhibit her work for the first time in London, where she was invited to participate in the biggest art and design fair in Europe. Parallax Art Fair takes place on October 21 and 22, 2017, on the famous King's Road, and hosts hundreds of artists and thousands of exhibits from around the world.

Stefania, who has been celebrating this summer on the international art market, after selling a painting in the Bitcoin virtual currency, will bring six papers to London. "Each of them is important episodes in my life. It binds closely to some defining stages in my artistic, mental and emotional evolution. I would say that all together, they are able to outline a visual biography loaded with searches and discoveries, experiences and major experiences, love and, above all, imagination, "says Stefania.


The works that will reach London are "Morpheus", "Mind Labytinth", "The Face of Power", "The Lab", "The Miners" and "Menuet".

"I've been exposed in other countries, but in London, never. I am delighted and moved by the idea that I will be able to experience another culture, a highly evolved one, which can only open my spirit and mind and help me learn more about the world around me, "says Ştefania

The artist, the first in Romania to sell a painting in Bitcoin

In June of this year, Stephanie Nistoreanu became the first artist in Romania, and one of the few painters in the world who sold a painting in Bitcoin virtual coin. Her work "Cryptsy" was bought in June by a collector in Hong Kong for the sum of 2 Bitcoin, after being exposed on the platform.

The transaction was a true event on the art market, and the news has crossed Romania's borders, reaching publications from all over the world, from the United States to South Africa, Nigeria, China, Korea, Vietnam, and St. Mark's Island. Maarten.

At 35, Ştefania Nistoreanu is one of the most famous and appreciated young artists in Romania, his works being presented over time in numerous publications and national TV stations. He has been painting since the age of 13 and graduated from a highschool of arts and a university in the same field, specializing in Byzantine Art. He has exhibited in several cities in the country, as well as in Luxembourg, Austria and Hungary. The painter lives in Brasov.


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Parallax Art Fair takes place in London twice a year and is considered to be the largest art and design fair in Europe. More than 200 artists - painters, sculptors, photographers and jewelry designers - from 40 countries will attend the 21-22 October edition. Visitors are expected to be able to admire not less than 7,000 products. Parallax Art Fair will be held at Chelsea Town Hall in London (King's Road), and the main media partner of the event is the BBC. Details on


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