The lovers painting - Aliens Love 2

The lovers painting - Aliens Love 2

Everything is love, even in another universe!

Teasing, ravenous embraces, tenderness, emotion blooms, love. Artists have long desired to capture these in their paintings - to capture the body-melting, mind-altering effects of love.

Since the beginning of time, human sexuality had multiple meanings and the lovers painting has been depicted in many ways: reproduction, pleasure, the need for protection and support, love. The desire to fortify the bond between man and woman.

Do you ask yourself why?

Because love is as critical for your existence as oxygen. 

If you look at the lovers painting, you can see and feel the closeness of the alien couple. If you follow the red lines, you can feel the love, the lust...that intensifies between the two.

If you look at the manly alien figure, you can see he is in a protective position, holding his beloved. That's because "Love is patient, love is kind", as the corinthians wold read at a wedding. Their gestures are beautiful and gentle - they are themselves on this moment, a universal moment.

Their love is not from this world...their bodies are surrounded by gold, the color of the sun, the stars. There is no sense of anything surrounding their opulence. It lets you visualize the sensual love, the transcendent adoration. There is no end to their love.

Just the universe is standing witness to their love, to the gravity-defying strength of their partnership. 

The faceless couple stands witness to the many faces of love actually - affectionate, ferocious, sensual, protective, fleeting and timeless. They nearly melt into one another, creating a single entity - the one that sparkles the whole evolution of the universe.  

The lovers painting captures a universally relatable experience: that union that creates the spark for all to begin, the single entity that pushes the universe into a continuous evolution. 


Style: Abstract painting, the lovers painting

Technique: Oil painting on canvas.

Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm

Artist: contemporary artist, Romanian painter – Stefania Nistoreanu

Price estimate: 270 €

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