The exhibition "Art and Spirituality in the Transylvanian Space" reached Szeged

On April 29, at 18.00, in the salons of the Seghedin Branch of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest, the exhibition "Art and Spirituality in the Transylvanian Space" took place.

During the exhibition, which was the curator of Ovidiu Carpuşor, general manager of the "Transilvania" Art Gallery in Brasov, a total of 50 important contemporary artists from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, the disciples of the big cities masters of national painting, such as Alexandru Ciucurencu, Corneliu Baba, Eugen Lungu, Constantin Baraschi, George Apostu.


The audience of Seghedin was able to admire works of painting, graphics and sculpture signed by: Silvia Onisa, Traian Bradean, Georgeta Grabovschi, Elena Surdu Stanescu, Aurel Dan, Mihai Cotofanu, Gheza Kovács, Laurentiu Dimisca, Gheorghe Mosorescu, Constantin Ilea, Dan Hatmanu, Ovidiu Carpusor, Elena Agapie, Monica Andriesei, Dumitru Bezem, Veronica Bodea Tatulea, Dana Catona, Doina Liliana Danescu, Manuela Toderas, Daniel Craciun, Mircea Diaconu, Vioara Dinu, Virgil Dobarta, Agnes Domokos, Dorina Dutkay, Mihai Falcoianu, Agnes Ferentz, Georgiana Gamali, Veronica Iftodi, Robert Ixari, Laszlo Rosinecs, Ion Lazar, Gheorghe Lisita, Alina Manole, Dana Maria Mark, Janos Miklos, Laurentiu Midviki, Stefania Nistoreanu, Stela Onut, Valeria Petriu, Cristian Radu, Ion Radu, Marcela Radulescu, Dan Stancu, Rodica Strugaru, Dana Szentkiraly, Cornel Vana.


The plastic artists present are graduates of certain university universities and members of the UAPR Branches from Bucharest, Brasov, Timisoara, Sibiu, Braila, Neamt, Harghita, Iasi, Cluj, Baia Mare. At the same time, they have in their portfolio numerous personal or group exhibitions, hosted by the most important national and international galleries, or medals conquered at the great salons and art festivals.

This exhibition was present on the ICR Budapest's sims from March 28 to April 28 and will be available to the public in Szeged until the end of May 2013.

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