The Artist of the Month, in Unica magazine, February 2018

At 36, Stefania Nistoreanu is one of the most famous and appreciated young artists in Romania. Last year, the news that it was among the very few painters in the world who sold a painting in the virtual currency Bitcoin crossed Romania's borders, reaching international publications.

Everything. The universe - from macro to micro (my own) - is a source of inspiration. The artist draws inspiration from his own being, with all that he encircles, and plays on it as a typical element of the universe to which he belongs and which he makes. Starting from here, exploiting the mind, imagination and courage, love and faith, doubt and fear, allow me to mold universal patterns with other principles and functionalities.

What are the emotions, ideas you want to transmit as an artist?

Everything you imagine and seems impossible in reality has existed, exists and will exist perpetually. Everything is possible. Everything you know and learn can be false. Keep your mind awake, clean spirit and open soul, take your time and be disciplined, do not forget your purpose and purpose, use your strength and imagination, be prepared for revelation, for truth. Do not compromise, fight with love and win with good will. Nothing's serious. Every moment is perfect.

Last year a lot was written about the painting you sold in Bitcoin ... It was an accident, is it an area that interests you and want to explore it further? What's next?

I would not call it "chance". I do not think by chance, there is not, everything that happens to us comes naturally as a result of our actions. We choose when and how it happens to us. I have been involved for several years in cryptography, philosophical and practical. It is an avant-garde, a comfortable concept of art and artists, the beginning of a new era that we anticipated and which is in the process of revolutionizing the planet. It is the source of inspiration for a new artistic concept, in which I am pioneering and which I support and promote in various forms. This is just the beginning, there is much to explore, accumulate and share. Specifically, in the near future, my new concept, Acceleration, will include works and events closely related to Bitcoin and Cryptomones, but also to a new society and style.


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