She sold a painting in Bitcoin and now she is visiting Japan

She is a priest daughter and grew up in a mountain village in Romania. She sold a painting in Bitcoin in Hong Kong, and now she goes to Japan! Stefania Nistoreanu is the Romanian artist who sold a painting in Bitcoin for the first time and now wants to conquer Japan. The young woman has beautiful works and ambitious projects.

For the little girl grown up in a mountain village in Moldova, in her father's parish, painting was the most beautiful work. And so it is. With passion and ambition, Stefania Nistoreanu has come to be known in most of the world. She likes to keep up with the technology, so she has decided that her works can be bought with virtual coins, cryptomonads: Bitcoin and Diamond Coin.

"Bitcoin was a revelation to me, I realized that a new age begins, an era I anticipated that had to come. The idea of innovation, the avant-garde is what an artist is looking for. I had no doubt as to the choice to capitalize on my work. "

On her site, the works can also be bought in the Diamond Coin, another virtual currency, the value of which is now about $ 6, which is about 25 lei. Not long ago, Stefania Nistoreanu became the first artist in Romania to sell a painting in Bitcoin after a Hong Kong art collector bought her painting "Cryptsy" for two Bitcoin.

"Cryptsy was listed on BitPremier along with other works, and I was practically the first artist to list there and was acquired through this platform (the largest and most importing industry, being considered a luxury shopping market with Bitcoin)", the artist said.

Stefania also collaborates with other sites and platforms, but claims to be the adept of virtual coins because "it's an easy to use, secure and fast payment method, and the transfer is almost instantaneous." Bitcoin has recently cost about $ 4,000, or about $ 11,500.


Stefania Nistoreanu, invited to a great art fair in London

Recently, Stefania Nistoreanu was invited to attend an important London event: Parallax Art Fair London, a great art fair, to be held from October 20-22.

In addition, she wants to conquer the Japanese: she is working with her team on an ample project, a tour in Japan: "It's about some exhibitions in a new, original and spectacular concept that will reveal beyond the universal character of my work and the Romanian spirit and essence, "explains Stefania.

During this time, in her workshop in Brasov, the artist works day by day: "All my works are soulful, from me, from my spirit, but an artist does not attach too much to anything, not even to his works, gives the peers, the planet, the Universe, "she says. She still has requests for his works, and even for important work, but, superstitious, she does not want to talk about them before they are finished.

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This is a translation from an article written in an Romanian magazine:

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