Scenery painting - Alien

Scenery painting - Alien

After the masterpiece movie that is lethally contemporary even after 40 years, this scenery painting depicting Alien brings up the vulnerability inside us, the idea of limitless space and a totally new extension of the human paranoia.

It's about the dark side of us, the one that patiently awaits to step into the light...It takes its time, it waits for a proper moment, in deep silence...

It's a scenery painting that brings up metaphysical questions, extraterrestrial horrors, a complex, and thrilling viewing experience. These profound messages still echo today, the human identity still remains relevant today.

The lowlight spectrum of colors, the infinite shapes, the order inside the chaos, the bright colors that light the dark gives the infinite perspective of the universe, the secrets that lie in it, the unknown that scares you while drives you closer. It represents the texture of humanity and it's everyday behavior. It represents the origins of life, the life circle, the physical makeup. 

The surreal aliens' biology has its parallel in the world you know - it's invading the body like a disease in all its predatory and parasitic forms, destroying from within. But its perfection that can only be matched by its hostility draws you closer and closer.

Now look closer into the fearsome intensity of all the bright colors and the visual ambitions, that remove our fears and prolong our curiosity, arouses our imagination.  It brings up the purity and the surviving instincts, the warmth of all the things we know.

What do you see in this scenery painting? Can you feel the suspense building through a meticulously directed intensification of anxiety? Can you feel the cold dimensions of this alien world? 


"This is a free composition after reviewing the Alien movie series".Stefania

Style: Abstract painting, scenery painting

TechniqueOil painting on canvas.

Dimensions: 50 x 60 cm

Artist: contemporary artist, Romanian painter – Stefania Nistoreanu

Price estimate: 200 €

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