Boats - the symbolic vehicles of the soul's journey

Boats - sailboat painting

This sailboat painting represents the tumult of the spiritual journey, the soul's journey.

It is the journey that each one of us has to make...the beginning, the exploration, the deep level of Consciousness. It is the spirit that is calling you to awake, to begin an in-depth knowledge of your higher self and purpose.

The boat represents the symbolic vehicle of this journey - the faith and trust. Do not be afraid to take the lead and steer the boat across the seas of your desires. Have faith in your intuition and allow yourself to flow with ease on life's divine course.

The water symbolizes the source of life, the embodiment of spirituality, the wisdom of the soul's journey - it can be calm, but it can change suddenly, turning into life's sudden obstacles. Embrace the currents of life, work with them and not against them... They will eventually give you a clear understanding and will guide you through your path.

When looking at her sailboat painting, Stefania realizes that...

"I have a dual relationship with the water element,

I like it so much, I permanently seek its company and still, I’m afraid of it, of its power, it unsettles me, make me reach and understand my limits, my barriers, my helplessness. It gives birth to complex feelings inside me, hard to translate, brash, but also exalted, supreme;

I try to understand, I try to understand it, I try to understand …."


Style: Abstract painting, sailboat painting

TechniqueOil painting on canvas.

Dimensions: 50 x 100 cm

Artist: contemporary artist, Romanian painter – Stefania Nistoreanu

Price estimate: 700 €

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