“El Tiempo de Verdad”: Temporary Exhibition in Oviedo, Spain

Stefania Nistoreanu is exhibiting her work in Spain for the first time, in the city of Oviedo, Calle de Aguila 1, facing the Cathedral of San Salvador.

The title of the exhibition is “El Tiempo de Verdad” (“The Time of Truth”) and it displays works from different stages of Nistoreanu’s career. The paintings revolve around the concept of time and the effects it has on humanity.

The exhibition is open April 22 to May 27, 2023.

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Cryptsy in South China Morning Post

Stefania Nistoreanu, the first Romanian artist to sell a painting for Bitcoin, appeared on May 9, 2018 in the South China Morning Post newspaper, in both online and print issues.

“Many thanks to Hong Kong journalist Enid Tsui for including me in this well-documented article on art and cryptocurrency," Stefania says.

Stefania Nistoreanu, the First Artist to Sell A Painting for Bitcoin

Stefania Nistoreanu is the first artist in Romania to sell a painting in the Bitcoin virtual coin. A Hong Kong art collector recently bought her "Cryptsy" work for two Bitcoin, equivalent to about 4,500 dollars. The sale represents not only a premiere in Romania but also an event on the international art market.

The Cryptsy painting, made by Ştefania Nistoreanu in 2014, was put up for sale on the BitPremier online platform, where it was recently spotted by a Hong Kong buyer. He considered doing a good investment by adding his work to the collection, given its popularity among cryptographers and cryptographers.