The exhibition - carried out under the care of the artist Ovidiu Carpusor, director of the "Transilvania" Art Gallery in Brasov - brings together works with abstract or fantastic themes that bring to the attention of the viewer subtle schemes inspired by quantum physics. Among the paintings that can be admired at Avrig's Brukenthal Palace are Freedom, Antivirus, Without Sense, The Face of Power, The Couple or Aliens Love.

The opening will take place on Saturday, May 18, at 17.00, and the exhibition will be open to the public until July 22, 2013. At the same time, Stefania Nistoreanu participates, alongside 47 other reputable artists, at an exhibition Exception - "Art and Spirituality in the Transylvanian Space" - organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest. Stefania is present in this exhibition with the work "Germini".

Flower Fair and two concerts dedicated to the Cultural Days of Sibiu County

May 18 is an eventful event at Avrig Brukenthal Palace. From 9.00 am, in the charming old garden of Samuel von Brukenthal, the Flower Fair is held. Visitors will be able to admire flower stands, garden furniture, tools and floral arrangements, and at the Cafeneaua Gradinii will enjoy the pleasant sun of spring. The event is organized by the Avrig Local Council through the Avrig Museum and Library, the Avrig Tourist Information Center, in partnership with the Samuel Brukenthal Foundation, the Olt Brother Country Association and the Friends of the Avrig Association.

On the same day, there are two concerts, which will be organized within the Cultural Days of Sibiu County. The first concert will be supported by the State Philharmonic of Sibiu and starts at 18.00. From 19:00 you will be able to listen to the music performed by the Caedonia Chamber Choir.

About Stefania Nistoreanu

Stefania Nistoreanu approaches the canvas in an extremely intimate manner, but his compositions often embrace universal, ancestral and current themes equally. In fact, her works represent a sum of contrasts, expressing realism and fantastic harmonious homogenization, as in a long awaited panacea. Style is enriched by a fecund imagination, doubled by an exceptional artistic finesse. "Life on Earth is a continuous battle with others and our own ego. We therefore need the best weapons to survive: realism and power to dream, lucidity and the ability to believe in fairy tales, eyes able to look through the darkness and the open heart to the light. And sometimes, when reality becomes serious, we need to create another world, another true universe.

This is my painting, "says Stefania Nistoreanu.

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