Oil painting Woman from Another Story

Oil painting Woman from Another Story

This symbolist oil painting - Woman from another story - represents the connection between nature and woman. Because the feminine has that additional sense of rhythm that connects her with the cycles of the moon and sun, of each season merging into the next, the rhythmic circle of aging.

It is been said that once upon a time, both the moon and sun were women. They lived just above the Earth...but this is an old story...maybe the story you can read in this painting...

Or, maybe things are simpler:

On one side there is the sun that brings the woman closer to nature, closer to the borderline, closer to the origins. The sun represents happiness, calm, secure.

On the other side, there is the moon that calms and cools down - the one that wraps its beaming rays when one is sad.

This is the true nature of a woman. The duality between sun and moon: one of those energies is more dominant than the other, and because the sun’s energy is more aggressive at its nature, that is the one that usually takes charge.

Perhaps you are just looking at a woman who has switched her energy from one that she was created for, to one that is completely foreign for her. She has become half-alien, having just nature trying to bring her back.

Maybe she is just a woman from another story...

A story of harmony of all living thing, good and bad, earth and sky, sun and moon...a story of positivity.

A story in which she represents regeneration, growth, and rebirth. Where she is flexible and highly adaptive to her surroundings. Where she thrives.

What do you think? Does she incite you to be the same?


Style: Abstract painting, contemporary art, oil painting woman

TechniqueOil painting on canvas.

Artist: contemporary artist, Romanian painter – Stefania Nistoreanu



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