Love paintings - Aliens Love

This is one of the love paintings that arouses our imagination, leads us further into finding our consciousness...the loving couple at its beginnings...

Ancient Wisdom teaches us that the objective of the Divine existence consists of three aspects: the Will or the Intention, Love or Consciousness and Form.  If we look at ourselves closely, we can see that we are in fact a sum of these three. And the most important of them is love. Or consciousness.

So, is it love the same thing as consciousness? Is it consciousness an alien thing? Do we have to take, at some point of existence, a spiritual journey to find our consciousness? 

Since the beginning of time, human sexuality had multiple meanings and many love paintings have been created: reproduction, pleasure, the need for protection and support, love. The desire to fortify the bond between man and woman. Yet again, we see, in a whole insistence, the word love.


Because love is as critical for your existence as oxygen. The more connected you are, the closer you are to a higher plane of existence, to consciousness, to that alien point where it all began. Think about love being more of a choice than a feeling. The choice of being aware.

The choice that would break the chains of existence and would translate you closer to your consciousness state.

Look closer at the couple. Do you see the will? Do you see the form of love? The consciousness? 

This is one of the love paintings that depict love in it's purest form, in its beginning, in its galactic level. This is the true shape of consciousness. 

Do not choose to ignore it... Because its the key to all the secrets of existence, since everything began.


"About love and procreation at the galactic level."

Style: Abstract painting, love paintings

Technique: Oil painting on canvas.

Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm

Artist: contemporary artist, Romanian painter – Stefania Nistoreanu

Price estimate: 630 €

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