Black and White abstract painting - action and reaction

Black and White abstract painting

This is a black and white abstract painting which represents the duality that exists in each of us - on the one hand, we want to know more, on the other hand we are afraid of what we can find out:

Who and what we are, how do we see everything and what is it all about?

The more questions we ask, the more we find problems. And, trying to solve them, the number of questions grows, we find that we know nothing; is it better not to seek, to remain in the silence of ignorance?

It's the action and reaction that define this painting, the dichotomy between good and bad, man and woman, curiosity and ignorance. It's like a mirror that we see ourselves into.

Fine lines of a deep black combine perfectly with shades from white to butter - since white is rarely pure of unclean thoughts, unanswered questions, doubt, and uncertainty. 

The sophisticated combination of black with white injects modern and minimalist - is it a sign, a model to follow in the thread of thought?


Style: Abstract painting, black and white abstract painting

TechniqueOil painting on canvas.

Artist: contemporary artist, Romanian painter – Stefania Nistoreanu


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