Big Bang painting - the explosion of life!

Big Bang painting - the explosion of life

The Big Bang painting - a truly spectacular explosion: the explosion of life!

This is a truly inspirational, modern painting that represents the cosmological term, the moment approximately 13.7 billion years ago that the universe we know explosively emerged from an unimaginably hot and dense point. It represents also the revitalization of the painting of the new century.

When you look at this Big Bang painting you can observe a cosmological model, the beginning of the observable universe and its large-scale evolution. You can follow the high-density singularity evolving into the complexity that it is today.

This is the representation of eternal inflation - the mater spreads and ends here and there so that each ending-point can emerge again and expand from its own Big Bang. 

Bright colors, irregular shapes, a real complex nervous system that expands, evolves into more elaborate bodies.  

The questions are: are we independent of the shape of the universe or ar we an intimate partner and a beneficiary of its peculiar structure and awesome dimensions? Are we creatures or prisoners of space and time? We and our home - the way we are and the way it is - are we a quirk or a consequence?


Style: Abstract painting

TechniqueOil painting on canvas.

Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm

Artist: contemporary artist, Romanian painter – Stefania Nistoreanu

Price estimate: 450 €

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