Asian sun painting - the beauty and mystery of life itself

Asian sun painting - the beauty and mystery of life itself

This Asian style sun painting is a decorative painting inspired by oriental themes and techniques.

The sun stands for power and authority - it's an emblem of brilliance and glory. Tt's cyclic movement on the sky is synonymous with "the beginning and the end" or "birth and death" - its spectacular beauty symbolizes the beauty and mystery of life itself. 

When you look at this sun painting its seems that he draws you inside it, he wishes to dialogue with you, to reveal you its mysteries, its warmth... Enjoy the conversation...

In Ancient China, the sun is the Great Male Principle - the ultimate Yang, or the positive and power, the spirit, mind and living being. He is the representation of the will to live, to rule, to decide. He is also "the cosmic eye" - the power that watches ower the dominion during the day.

The sun is the center of our existence...but we tend to overlook this aspect and take for granted its life-affirming essence...

So, let this Asian sun painting remind you about the importance of your existence, your focus and affirmation, your power and mysterious side...Let the warmth embrace you and encourage you in your journey through life...


Style: Abstract painting, contemporary art

TechniqueOil painting on canvas.

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

Artist: contemporary artist, Romanian painter – Stefania Nistoreanu

Price estimate: 540 €

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